Weekly Top Pick Namepros $1 Dollar Auctions Grates.org being held by Nerevar

This is a Namepros.com exclusive $1 dollar for Grates.org and Grates.co the seller has just released these two generic products names to the public.  these to domains would be a nice pick up so join us. Here are the sellers notes Dictionary word, generic product names, auctioned separately: Grates.co and Grates.org Domains expire mid Oct 2015 (almost 1 year left) Starts at $1 for each, minimum increment $1 Ends 48 hours after the last (per domain) bid GoDaddy push Paypal or Skrill

Eclass.biz is being sold by Nerevar on Flippa

When I hear the name Eclass.biz I automatically think of the company Mercedes Benz or some sort of online class.  This domain offers high CPC at a whopping  $13.90.  Here are the Sellers notes:  Statistics: Exact monthly searches according to Google AdWords: 201,000 average during the last year 450,000 in October 2014 8,870,000 search results $13.90 CPC rate Looks like we have a very hot uptrend here: the monthly searches have doubled during this year. Online education is gaining extreme popularity nowadays. The released data shows that 5.5 million students were taking online courses in the US in 2012. And this number has dramatically increased since then, and most likely will continue to increase in the future. Also, please note the lucrative high-paying CPC rates. Hence this domain is a great investment. Relevant sales: eclass.com - $31,000 2008-01-01 businessclass.us – Sedo - $3500 – 2014-10-14 computerclass.com - $16,000 – 2007-01-10 actingclasses.com - $41,000 – 2008-01-01 Transfer: Godaddy push to your account would the easiest way to transfer.   Click the link if interested.

Hot Domain pickups that are being sold with no reserve on Flippa

Here is a list of amazing pickup domains that are being sold on Flippa with a reserve of $1.  IMO these are unbelievable for any investor to develop it web properties, many are generic and are well aged.  Finding high quality domains are hard to come by. Traded.info - Traded.info 1,612 Exact/mn - CPC $14.34 - Category Defining Domain Reserve $1  Superior Financial Domain - Great Investment for .info Lovers That is correct Reserve $1 for 7 days.  Guess what the reserve has been met and bids are currently at $1 so join us before it is to late! Heals.info -  Absolutely No Reserve Heals.info 11 yrs. Old 75,020 Searches/mn .com sold $16000.  Bids are currently at $6 so everyone interested come join us! Remord.com Reserve $1 - Two Premium Domains .com/.info Category Owning - Exclusively Listed Superior Single Dictionary word Domains - Great Investment for .com and .info Lovers.  Reserve Met bids at $11 with 15 days left.  Dont miss out! NSFW.net  ULTRA-FAMOUS acronym! ✱ $1 Reserve, 246k searches ✱ DREAM adult domain  NSFW content, or "Not Safe for Work," is EXCEPTIONALLY popular on the Internet. Here is your chance to own a RARE, exact match domain that has the potential to generate MILLIONS of visitors.  Reserve Met $1 bids are currently at $1,675 with 9 days left.  If your thinking about bidding, just do it. Aerospace.info NO RESERVE - Enormous Opportunity - Trillion $ Flight Industry - Genuine LR2! NO RESERVE - One of our finest domains yet! Aerospace encompasses the entire branch of flight (aviation & space) and earns trillions of dollars. Wow, enormous opportunity! Genuine LandRush2 domain! Reserve Met $1 Bids currently at $50 I would say hope this is a [...]

Heals.info Being Sold By Super Seller UnderwaterPc on Flippa

Heals.info is being sold by a super seller UnderWaterPc on Flippa.  Seller has released the domain to the public with no reserve.  Bid is currently at $1 so anyone can enter this auction and have a chance to win this 11 year old domain.  Definitely a hot offer so any investor looking score big on a nice catch. Here are the sellers Notes What you Guys are Bidding On: Premium Aged Domain 11 Year Old Heals.info Category Defining Monster Domain Showcase Category: Health, Services, Business, and more Single Words Name.com Highly profitable & brand able Memorable Highly Searched Keywords Don't even look for the .COM/.NET/.ORG/.BIZ All Extensions are gone Click the link if interested in placing a bid


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