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Flippa Hot Sale Recap:,,,,,, & More

Here are some Notable Domains that sold on Flippa $1600 $2,183

333 Domain Portfolio: $8,880 $5,010 – Means cats, twins, Thai people, Thai language $4,500 $2,200 $2,000 $1,250 $1,200 $1,200 $1,000 $995 $855 $750 $599 $550 $500 –  “Domain Catalog” Listing. Definitely worth taking a peek in inside this listing might just find some gems. $468: Means a popular Japanese name per the listing $400

Cary offer for 17 domains: $400 $375 $300: Domain catalog listing. $300

Some websites that Met Reserve with High Numbers – $20,000 – Monthly net profit of $73  stated, on uniques of 1,783 . “LandHud.comLandHub is a real estate listing service for land. Realtors and property owners list their properties for a fee to get more exposure. Everything is completely automated, so LandHub virtually runs itself:

‘’ is a very popular website among men and women seeking advice on electric shavers.The Consistent high Conversion of sales (last six months – 8.43%) on Amazon explained the trust and dependence on the site demonstrated by the visitors.
The site earned Monthly Passive income of $5800 approximately on an average (USD$ 30,432, GDP 1,657, CDN $1,104, INR 10,998) in the last six months (April to September) with 619,861 page views and 346,427 unique visitors recorded on Statcounter, 776,388 page views and 216,155 Users on Google Analytics

Some domains with bids that didn’t sell $30,100 $21,000 $14,200 $13,199 $13,100 $13,100 $10,000 $8,000 – $3,500 $2,500 $1,000 $190 Seller offered 11 extra domains for a bin of $1250.  Bin domains valued over $5000 seems like an excellent deals surprised no one scooped that up. Being Sold By UnderWaterPc Super Seller on Flippa can be perfectly fitted with any startup, domain investor, web developer, business owner to make capital gains in the health services, medicine, vitamins, pharmaceutical, sale & marketing industry this list could go on about the amount of potential the own will have with this purchase.

What you Guys are Bidding On:

Premium Aged Domain 11 Year Old
Category Defining Monster
Domain Showcase
Category: Health, Services, Business, and more
Single Words
Highly profitable & brand able
Highly Searched Keywords

Don’t even look for the .COM/.NET/.ORG/.BIZ All Extensions are gone – to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; to recover from damage

Domain Stats:

Exact Monthly Searches: 75,020   Cost Per Click: $1.46 USD

Search Volume: 1,500,000/mo

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Popular Domain Drop Times

Anyone who is thinking about trying to either register or drop catch a pendingDelete domain will need to know exactly which time frame that domain will become available again. Different domain extensions drop during different time frames and a domain in a specific extension will never drop outside of it’s drop window. Some people think they can buy drop catching applications and then let those sit and run all day long, this really isn’t needed and actually just abuses the registrars API. Instead, drop catchers should look over the different drop times and only run their software during the necessary time frames. Check out the most popular domain drop times below and see which time your favorite extension releases. If you ever plan on trying to register an expired domain once it becomes available for new registration then you should be checking the availability of that domain name during the specific time frame it is set to release.

COM & NET Domains Drop Between 2:00-3:15PM EST
US Domains Drop Between 2:00-2:15PM EST
BIZ Domains Drop Between 1:00-1:30PM EST
ORG Domains Drop Between 9:30-10:30AM EST
CA Domains Drop Once Per Week (Wednesday) Between 2:00-3:00PM EST

That just about covers some of the bigger extensions. Many others will vary and sometimes it will just take trial and error until you can figure it out. One thing to remember is that most drop times don’t last as long as the COM/NET one does. This is because COM/NET are the biggest extensions with the highest number of domains registered, therefor it takes longer for them to delete so many domains each day. Smaller extensions, like .US, are usually very short because there is such a fewer number of domains deleting each day.

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What is a Domain Investor?

Millions of people make a healthy living from home thanks to the world wide web. At this day in age we have millionaires of all ages and most of them got to be that way from a variety of different projects and ideas. One way some people choose to make a living online is by investing in different kinds of domain names. The process of investing in a domain is similar to the process of investing in a stock. In fact, stock investors and domain investors share allot of the same job duties and responsibilities. Both attempt to buy low and then sell high, both can make bad decisions which can cost them lots of money, and both need to have a bit of “gambler” in them. That’s because you need to be willing to take risks. Not every investment will work out, but the ones which do should always out way the ones which don’t.

So, What is a domain investor? Domain investors are people who purchase domain names without the intention of designing or developing them. Without the intention of really doing anything with them aside from storing them away until the right opportunity presents itself. Some domain investors choose to spend smaller amounts of money by simply searching and purchasing different domains that they can own for registration costs. Others who do it for a living will spend more money searching and backordering good expired domains, as well as purchasing good investment domains from other people on domain forums and auction websites.

What kinds of domain names do people invest in? This all comes down to how much money you have to spend! Guys who have been in the game for years will […]

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