Dees Nuts – Copter Edition

Requires Android 2.2 and up
Smooth Quality
Professional User Interface
Released in May 2015
Compatible with latest Android Devices
This app has great and engaging graphics and Highly ADDICTIVE
This app is freshly launched. No marketing has been done for this app yet.
Great starter Android app
Enter a billion industry
Easy for future updates

Dees Nuts is definitely on a adventure after being separated from his family.

For the change direction only tab the screen.
You have to not touch blocks and borders.
Try to beat your friends and other players in the leader board.

The game can be addictive, I almost broke my screen out of frustration

How You Can Get More Revenue Out of Dees Nuts – Copter Edition

  •     Update app with with more recipe  to get more downloads = more income
  •     Add a IAP to get more conversions.
  •     Cross promote your apps to get more downloads
  •     Charge for the App

What You’ll Need To Operate This App:

Android Developers License Cost $25

Game written in Java using the libgdx framework so can be converted to Facebook/Web/IOS etc if you have the skills.  Full source code included.  You will need to know your way around eclipse, ADT etc to reskin/recode this app.

Dees Nuts – Copter Edition

Add more levels
Add more revenue networks and cross promote other apps
Included In Sale :

Android  Source Code
PSD Files
All Assets
Private Key Certificates

I will transfer the app to your google play account on completion of this auction.