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  • Make multiplayer
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The app is making plenty of money as FREE app in iTunes from ads. However if you think you can improve on it you can add levels and make it a paid app. At this price the app is really cheap. If you are to develop this with a professional dev, you will need to pay him/her at least double the price just to make the app. This is just to get the app ready. No guarantee that it will be accepted by the apple “Gestapo” review team etc. Once you have the app you will be faced with creating the right screen shot, keyword research, category research and much more. If your are really lucky and able to get the app in the store, then it’s no guarantee that the app will tried and bring traffic. This is an offer you can’t refuse. You will get the app transferred in my experience almost immediately after we complete the transfer process. Apple has made it really easy now.  So now the BALL is in your hands. This is some of the things you getting with this app


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Turbo Bird Free Bird Game

  1.  Update app with levels to get more downloads = more income
  2. Add a IAP to get more conversions.
  3. Cross promote your apps to get more downloads 
  4. Charge for the App

What You’ll Need To Operate This App:

Android Developers License Cost $99


Turbo Bird Free Bird Game

  1. app is east to expand upon
  2. Add more levels
  3. Add IAP
  4. Add more revenue networks and cross promote other apps

Included In Sale :

  • Source Code
  • PSD Files
  • All Assets
  • Private Key Certificates
  • App will be transferred to your ios developer Account