Awesome Networking Tips from The Successful, Millionaires, & Billionaires

Have you ever went to an event and purposefully go there to expand your network of contacts and friends? If you have, did you make enough contacts and engagements to really call it a day? Or did you create a bad impression? This list will guide you to network and connect with the successful people — the millionaires and billionaires. Many events are just actually networking events; unfortunately, most of us don’t take advantage of this. There was a time when I was invited to speak in front of a sizeable audience. After the talk, I went on to my networking activity. As I go through the crowd, shaking hands and connecting, I was approached by a professional-looking man. Well-dressed and well-poised, he asked me a few questions. After his last question, we went ahead to an exchange of cards. What a disaster! That’s for him though, because as he tried to reach deep into his pocket for his business card, he took out more than a dozen of other people’s cards, and none of his own. Another pocket, and still, none of his cards. Whew. A minute passed and still nothing. He then decided to use another person’s card that he received, wrote his name, number, and business name, and he handed it over to me. It was a bit awkward for me, but the worse is for the person whose name card it really belonged to — she was looking at us while we exchanged cards; while the professional-looking guy wrote his name on her card. Yes, a disaster. This is not the first time that this kind of thing happened. In fact, many people fall into this tragedy. This may seem a [...]