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Hot domain Portfolios being sold on NamePros By seller Nerevar

If you're looking to grab a bunch of domains for a smash price then you might just be in luck if your going to place a bid.  ToyTeddyBear.com - is a portfolio of 25 brand able domains that is being sold by Nerevar on NamePros.com   AirportMumbai.com A small portfolio of 9 GEO domains - start at $9 for the lot Bids are currently at $16 for this lot of names.  Definitely worth checking out heck even placing a bid or two.  Who knows maybe you'll win.

Hot Domain pickups that are being sold with no reserve on Flippa

Here is a list of amazing pickup domains that are being sold on Flippa with a reserve of $1.  IMO these are unbelievable for any investor to develop it web properties, many are generic and are well aged.  Finding high quality domains are hard to come by. Traded.info - Traded.info 1,612 Exact/mn - CPC $14.34 - Category Defining Domain Reserve $1  Superior Financial Domain - Great Investment for .info Lovers That is correct Reserve $1 for 7 days.  Guess what the reserve has been met and bids are currently at $1 so join us before it is to late! Heals.info -  Absolutely No Reserve Heals.info 11 yrs. Old 75,020 Searches/mn .com sold $16000.  Bids are currently at $6 so everyone interested come join us! Remord.com Reserve $1 - Two Premium Domains .com/.info Category Owning - Exclusively Listed Superior Single Dictionary word Domains - Great Investment for .com and .info Lovers.  Reserve Met bids at $11 with 15 days left.  Dont miss out! NSFW.net  ULTRA-FAMOUS acronym! ✱ $1 Reserve, 246k searches ✱ DREAM adult domain  NSFW content, or "Not Safe for Work," is EXCEPTIONALLY popular on the Internet. Here is your chance to own a RARE, exact match domain that has the potential to generate MILLIONS of visitors.  Reserve Met $1 bids are currently at $1,675 with 9 days left.  If your thinking about bidding, just do it. Aerospace.info NO RESERVE - Enormous Opportunity - Trillion $ Flight Industry - Genuine LR2! NO RESERVE - One of our finest domains yet! Aerospace encompasses the entire branch of flight (aviation & space) and earns trillions of dollars. Wow, enormous opportunity! Genuine LandRush2 domain! Reserve Met $1 Bids currently at $50 I would say hope this is a [...]

Domains Reserve Met that are worthy of bids on NamePros and Flippa

Here is a list of hot domains listing with no reserve and bin options both on Flippa and Names Pros. There are many gems offered on these marketplaces that any buyer could use to brand a company or just simply hold as a future invest. Hot listing that are Bid Worthy Listed on Namespros.com ORMX.com which has been around for 8 years now bids are currently at $39 and offer with no reserve so the highest bidder will win. IMO this one will be a nice catch for anyone who bids for this because four letter .com's are rare catch with age. Registered Since: 2006-10-25 KRISTAL.INFO is a bundle deal of 8 domains with estibot appraisal value $1520. What makes this a hot deal?  Seller is only asking for $35 for 8 high quality domains. That's a crazy offer if you ask me. Listed on Flippa.com Remord.com & Remord.info is are Generic Dictionary words that are offer with a reserve of $1 and has been met. Bids are currently at $11 for both the names. Imagines.info only 2 hours left to bid on this generic domain the best part is that bids are only at $6 means any can hop right in and scoop this amazing domain up. If you want your domains featured on our site, please contact us for advertising.   Thanks


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