Which Registrars Does Pheenix Own?

If you pay any attention to deleting domains and who's catching them then you've probably seen Pheenix at least a time or two before. This newer backorder company has really been working hard to expand over the last year or two and they've been building a bigger and bigger database of registrars to try and compete with companies like NameJet and SnapNames. Keep in mind, with Network Solutions owning SnapNames and eNom owning NameJet you know these two already have quite a few registrars under their belt. Last time I checked both owned at least one or two dozen accredited registrars. That's the name of the game in drop catching top quality expired domains these days! The biggest backorder companies need to continue registering new accreditation with ICANN to expand their speeds and limits to compete with one another. You know these accreditation aren't cheap so they're either buying out old registrars who never did anything, or coughing up allot of pennies to get all of these done. Now you might have a better idea why they charge so much for backorders and love to use the auction process! Next time you're out doing WhoIs lookups on recently deleted domains, keep an eye out for any of the registrars listed below. If you see any of these 10 then you know Pheenix was the one who drop caught it! Alexander the Great, LLC (United States) Website Cyrus the Great, LLC (United States) Website DomainSnap, LLC (United States) Website Ignitela, LLC (United States) Website Julius Caesar, LLC (United States) Website Pheenix, Inc. (United States) Website Threadwalker.com, Inc. (United States) Website Threadwatch.com, Inc. (United States) Website Threadwise.com, Inc. (United States) Website yenkos, LLC (United States) Website