The Case For SEO Content In 2021 (And Beyond)

As we approach the end of 2020 — a wild year of pandemic proportions, indeed — it becomes time for businesses to consider how they plan on adapting their marketing strategy after the new year. Many of the best practices — write great content, engage on social media, invest in SEO — still ring true, but what, if anything, do we expect will change in 2021? Well, we know for certain that a strong case can be made for SEO content creation and content marketing. Original, engaging content is in high demand and presents massive potential for businesses to reach even more customers in the remaining months of 2020 and beyond. In this article, I present tangible evidence that makes the case for SEO content and why it should remain a high priority for forward-thinking brands. Content As a Competitive Difference Maker Entering this practice area likely means overcoming some fierce competition. Based on the success we’ve seen with our clients, SEO content creation — ranking organically for highly competitive search terms and generating leads through high-value, search engine optimized content — can help you meet goals like shifting your brand recognition (and, therefore, your marketing strategy). Before starting with this approach, one of our client’s websites ranked for 675 keywords and had an estimated traffic value of $14,800. Nine months after implementing it, however, they were ranking for over 15,500 keywords, with a monthly traffic cost of $2.5 million, while their Google organic traffic increased by a whopping 2,076%. Brand Recognition & Visibility For businesses that have brand recognition already, they must maximize their visibility for both branded and non-branded keywords. This means creating content for not just their branded company pages, but also [...]