Finding a name for your business, startup or apps can be difficult at times.  It is one of the most important decisions which one has to make in the beginning of having an online presence. One has to think ahead and be sure of all the possibilities while deciding the right domain name.

Why Is Domain So Important?

Domain is the name with which a brand or a company is known online. It is the web address to which a particular website is associated with. As this the key to the identification and the popularity of a company, one must be careful while choosing it. A domain should define the brand and give an idea of what to expect from this website. These are the reasons why one should think deeply before registering a domain name:

  • It is not easy to get another domain name and set the website at this new address. An established website may lose customers in the process as it needs some time to set up a new domain.


  • Wrong domain may cost the reputation of the company. One must give an accurate name which describes the company and avoids misconceptions or obscure intentions of the website offerings.


  • Domain names are unique and companies are always in a race to get the best names for them.

Benefits Of Having The Right Domain

Having a good domain name ensures right projection of the brand. A simple domain name is easy to remember and can be shared with others quickly. This helps in spreading of the brand name and gives more business and popularity to the company. Along with the domain name, one should also be particular about the extension of the website. Having the right extension helps in far reaching of the website. Extensions like .au, in are national domains while .com has international reach. Apart from this extensions like .edu or .mil are reserved for special types. The choice of the extension for the domain is as important as the domain name.

Other Domain Name Details

The domain must contain keywords which are related to the things offered by the website. Along with the domain, it is also important to keep the URL simple and in human readable format. This helps in the ranking in the search engines. This is a key factor as the website will mostly be discovered through the search engines. Hence, one also has to think from the search engine point of view

Things To Remember While Deciding A Domain

  • Keep the domain name simple, related to the website content.


  • Decide on the extension to keep for the website according to its target audience.


  • Register a new domain or an old existing one which is up for sale depending on your choice.


  • Avoid hyphens and numbers in the domain name as they are often misunderstood by the people.