Everyone who works in a sale must have experienced that particular moment, the prospective buyer is interested and needs a little extra to close the deal.
However, if your sales representative’s promises set expectations in the minds of prospects different from your business’ strategic plans, then less credibility and trust can be lost for the shortest sales cycle and easy road to the commission.

Now when this happens, it tells less about the skills of your sales reps than it does about the requirement for a transparent sales enablement strategy.
Surely every business recognizes the need to arm their sales departments with the required information, data, and tools to understand the buyers, nevertheless, providing these most often takes a back seat in several organizations in front of their demand generation activities.

Therefore, under these circumstances, sales reps are often left to plead for help or find their answers.
Fix and sales sheets that can back up their sales efforts to provide best practices and research.
It also extends to analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) in sales and resources to help optimize future sales events, helping to build a team of sellers that do not rely on just two heavy-hitters, but one that is equipped and ready to collaborate.

Therefore, an effective and optimal sales enablement program can help sales teams prepare comparison tables, ROI calculators, or buyers with what they need to make their purchases.


Strong sales engagement help in reducing sales cycles, boost conversion rates, and thereby increases sales productivity.
Now building this into your whole organization needs these four key actions:

  1. Provide marketing resources (human and financial)

Success in sales creates deeper relationships with customers and opportunities. This is because once the team responsible for marketing takes the lead, it is the salesperson’s responsibility to strengthen the relationship and close the sale.

Sales must spend enough time looking for answers to every question asked. However, the relationship with prospects is often shallow when the power of the sales rep is expended to create product messages and sales assets to enhance prospects.

Therefore, to break this vicious cycle, marketing must create an armory of sales assets that are essential to their segment, armed with insights from lead generation campaigns, market research and marketing data, as they are well-equipped to deliver talking points and sales. Sheets or infographics about their brand. Therefore, at least one person must be hired to provide marketing support and start a sales team to drive business growth.

  1. Make it convenient to find existing collaterals for sales (and ask for more…)

Building a simple and clear process is winning half the battle in sales enablement as it helps to begin with an ‘easy to follow’ workflow for engaging the lead.

Therefore salespeople should use technology like an easy to use CRM software be it Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM platforms that will help to seamlessly find content like pricings, case studies, reference, discounts, and others.

Because within this content library database salespeople will know where to find the best assets for each stage in the buyer’s journey.
For example, which document should be emailed to new leads, or which content works best for luring prospects who are currently with the competitors.

Moreover, marketing should also create a process for requesting new resources. Therefore hire or create a new resource that can help in creating new content and thereby strengthen support without forcing sales to overwhelm marketing with requests.

  1. Use smart tools to share content effectively

It has also been observed that when sales have more content at their fingertips, sales reps can get overwhelmed trying to figure out the most relevant one. Now in this situation sales reps often use their contents haphazardly or ignore sending altogether. According to a survey done by one of the best CRM firms of global repute, it was found that more than 65 percent of the content found in the marketing department goes unused just because the sales team does not have enough time to sort out what is most helpful.

Hence businesses must use modern tools that use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to streamline management of documents, by flagging contents and providing advanced search options that can help sales reps to find out easily what they need.

  1. Change to empowerment from enablement

Now, creating a repository of content by marketing teams is not enough for successful sales enablement programs, as long as they are not succeeded by sales teams.

Therefore, the top people in sales should collaborate with marketing managers and help train their colleagues to implement the message that empowers collaboration across all sales and marketing teams.

Since the relationship between sales and marketing is the foundation of any business growth strategy, by establishing a sales enablement program, new salespeople in any organization will be amazed at what their company can achieve as a fresher for their brand…