There are many reasons why a registered domain enters a redemption period. If you own a company or if you have been blogging and you suddenly shut down your business or your blog, then it could be possible that you would not be interested in keeping the domain name or have any online presence of your business. You could be an individual or an organization having a web presence. There are a variety of reasons why you would let a domain name expire.

• You have no interest to pursue your business online or offline.

• Your business has liquidated and you are looking for new online and offline buyers.

• You have simply forgotten to renew it.

• You have been too busy to notice the expiry date until notified in the mail.

• You want to sell your domain name for a better price.

• You want to auction your domain name as well as the content for a better price.

• You want to change your domain name and get a new URL.

• You have changed your business and need better options.

• Your website is hacked and you are trying to get it back.

• Death of the blogger or the website owner could also be one of the rare reasons why a certain website has not been renewed.

Timeline Of Domain Expiration
When a domain name expires, there is a certain procedure that most of the web hosting companies follow before listing it in the pool of expired domains that are open to re registration. There is a fixed procedure every web hosting company follows when a domain name expires and the owner of the domain fails to renew it in spite of notifying them.

• Firstly, the original registrant is notified and billing attempts are made for auto renewal. Also, when auto renewal fails, the registrant is asked to make the manual renewal.

• Now this domain is sent as the parking domain and the registrant still has the chance to renew it.

• Again a billing is sent to the original registrant. After the third renewal and billing attempt if the registrant is unable to renew the website, then it enters the list of expired domains that are open to auction.
• If someone has purchased this domain, then the name is transferred to the new registrant. If nobody buys this domain in the auction, then it is listed in the closed auction list.

• After this period, the name of this domain enters the list of new domain names again.

• It takes nearly a month for this procedure to follow through.

• Also, the registrant has to pay a redemption fee, if they ever decide to redeem the expiry of their website.

• Also, within this time period, if the registrant does not want to renew their website, they can directly send a request to delete their domain to their respective web hosting services.

• You must remember that, once you let your domain name get deleted, you lose it forever.

• If you don’t value your domain enough to renew it, then you can let go of it and let it remain in the pool of domains that are about to be deleted.

Transfer Of Domains Is Time Consuming
Even if you find an investor, they will have to wait till the grace period is over and re-register all the domains that you have sold to them. This does not happen instantly, though it is done online. Their names too will take time to reflect on the registration list. Also, if you have registered a few domains that you have not been using, it is best to either sell them or drop them. People interested to buy will find and buy them without you having to invest your time auctioning them. Also, it is good to buy domain names and increase their value over time and sell them at a better price if you are not using them.

Sometimes, it is too early for the owner of the domain name to realize its true value. So, when it comes to the business of buying and selling domains, you have to play the patience game. You must always check which list of domains has been sold for a better price and create domain names which have a higher chance of being sold. Domain extensions, such as, .com, .net, .biz, .edu, etc also play a part to see if the domain can be easily sold or not. Not everybody is interested in .net, .biz, or .edu. If your domain has a good and a catchy name with a .com extension, then it is highly likely for you to find buyers for your domain name.

Sub Domains

For instance, if you own a website that runs news, then you are highly likely to have a sub domain of this parent website as well to organize your content well. If you have a content driven website that you are not willing to renew, then the sub domains will either be used or deleted by the new registrant when you sell them. You cannot retain your sub domains when you have sold the parent or the main URL of your website.

For instance, if you own a website that says, “” and also has huge content on their Sub domains, such as, “” or anything similar, then you cannot, at any cost retain the link and the content of the sub domain, unless and until you have taken a back up of all of your content and are not willing to sell the content, you have no other option to keep the content. If you want to sell the URL alone and not the content, then you must take the backup of all the content on your website and delete the content on this website before putting it on an auction or letting it expire. This way, you can protect the content that you have created even if your website expires.