With powerful official apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, our business should be able to establish strong brand awareness among potential customers. Customers are expecting companies to have their own dedicated mobile apps and this is an essential factor to gain strong competitive edge. For successful companies, it is necessary to avoid falling behind the competition and having solid mobile apps could add to the immense credibility of our brand. Business owners should keep in mind the real importance of mobile apps in modern society.

1. We could reach mobile users: This is an obvious advantage and it is a fact that the whole world has gone mobile. People are using their smartphones and tablets to locate nearby stores and places of interest. It is important to expand our branding effort to mobile channels and build a powerful network.

2. On-the-go marketing is more effective: With mobile apps, it is possible for customers to access our business at anytime and anywhere. Regular uses of mobile apps should reinforce our business and brand. It means that when consumers are planning to purchase something, chances are they will be able to order the product immediately. With mobile apps, it is possible for us to ensure long-term relationships with loyal customers.

3. Social environment can be established: It is quite clear that people are already obsessed with anything related to social media and we should be able to become part of their obsession. Mobile apps may use specific social features, like in-app messaging, likes and others. This will allow our business to improve its brand and social standing. People are already spending much of their time on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. By having social experience with other customers, people are more likely to spend more time with our app. They will be able to discuss products and read user reviews. By nature, people are social beings and it is more important to find ways to allow people to spend more time with our app. Amazon is a giant online store with good community and customers are able to interact with one another through its mobile app.

4. Improved sales and service: Mobile devices have changed the way people sell and buy products. It means that people could have good informed buying decisions and it should be noted that good service is essential for driving additional sales. Service and support can be delivered through mobile apps.

5. Real-time data capture: Mobile apps allow us to avoid the tedious process of gathering information and analyzing it. Collecting data from consumers and market can be time consuming, slow and expensive. Mobile apps can be made interactive and it will easily encourage people share their information and preferences. It means that companies can make decisions on not only to improve their mobile apps, but also their entire business operation. Customers who use mobile devices should be encouraged to share ideas on how to improve user experience.

6. Better customer engagement: By developing mobile apps, we should be able to boost interest among prospective customers. It means that people are more likely to purchase something in our store. Our website should be a one-stop point to get all the relevant information and products they need. Whenever we add new products or publish new information, we could notify our customers. With frequent updates and interactions, people can be tempted to check our mobile apps more regularly. In general, engagement is exactly what we should establish with our app. Mobile apps will put our store in the palm of our consumers’ hand. They are able to go inside our store, even if when they are waiting in line at the bank or sitting in the dentist’s waiting room.

7. Our business is available 24/7: Mobile apps allow us to interact with users at any time, even if it is in the middle of the night during a holiday season. Businesses will be able to respond to customers immediately and this will take our company to the next level.

8. Access to younger consumers: Young consumers are the most eager mobile users. As comparison, older mobile users are less likely to install third party apps than young users. Smartphones are a new tool to chat with friends, purchase products and browse the web. Companies can reach younger audience more effectively by distributing mobile apps.

9. Improved usability: Mobile apps are faster and easier to use than websites. Apps could provide improved usability and benefits could be greater among businesses that rely on real-time sales. Once installed on mobile devices, consumers are able to get information, browse products and reach customer support team quickly. They don’t need to open web browser, access the website and wait for all web elements to be loaded every time they open a new page.


Image Credit: www.adcolony.com