Addictive Android App for sale – Hurt Bird has come armed and ready to do business.

Guide your feathered friend through the walls of pain, avoiding the red zones. There will be obstacles in your way so be prepared to either use brute force (i.e. your face) or arm yourself and blast your way through each gate.

Collect coins to unlock more powerful weapons as you progress and try and get to the top of the world leader board.

All weapons are automatic, simply tap to fly and try and stay alive.

Choose from a Pistol, Single Shotgun, Uzi, Double Shotgun and the ultimate Super Uzi.

“You can push the rocks, but avoid the red zones.”
“Collect all the coins between the gates to receive a coin bonus.”
“Get 3 coin bonuses in a row and clear the gate to activate the shield.”
“Shoot the top rock first to avoid being crushed.”
“Press the back button during the game to change weapons.”

100 Installs

What You’ll Need To Operate This App:

Android Developers License Cost $25


  1. apps is east to expand upon
  2. Add more levels
  3. Add IAP
  4. Add more revenue networks and cross promote other apps

Included In Sale :

  • Sources Code
  • PSD Files
  • All Assets
  • Private Key Certificates
  • App will be transferred to your ios developer Account
  • Android apps will get transferred there