Why Do People Let High Quality Domain Names Expire?

There are many reasons why a registered domain enters a redemption period. If you own a company or if you have been blogging and you suddenly shut down your business or your blog, then it could be possible that you would not be interested in keeping the domain name or have any online presence of your business. You could be an individual or an organization having a web presence. There are a variety of reasons why you would let a domain name expire. • You have no interest to pursue your business online or offline. • Your business has liquidated and you are looking for new online and offline buyers. • You have simply forgotten to renew it. • You have been too busy to notice the expiry date until notified in the mail. • You want to sell your domain name for a better price. • You want to auction your domain name as well as the content for a better price. • You want to change your domain name and get a new URL. • You have changed your business and need better options. • Your website is hacked and you are trying to get it back. • Death of the blogger or the website owner could also be one of the rare reasons why a certain website has not been renewed. Timeline Of Domain Expiration When a domain name expires, there is a certain procedure that most of the web hosting companies follow before listing it in the pool of expired domains that are open to re registration. There is a fixed procedure every web hosting company follows when a domain name expires and the owner of the domain fails to renew [...]