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    Halloween Neon Animations Pack iOS Stickers App Just Hit Auction!

Halloween Neon Animations Pack iOS Stickers App Just Hit Auction!

Halloween Neon Animations Pack was selected and featured in the iTunes store for 2017 Halloween top app. This stickers offers thirty three neon animated stickers jammed packed into one app, in my opinion the buyer will be getting a great deal at their starting price point.

Here are the sellers notes an app highlights for the auction:

BUY THIS APP NOW! Be on your way to FIRE YOUR BOSS, LIVE  ANYWHERE,  JOIN THE NEW RICH. Game is currently is $1.99 and is making a money from  iTunes sales.


Halloween Neon Animations Pack was selected and featured 29th on iTunes homepage for Happy Halloween 2017 iPhone & Ipad as well as other popular app websites ( 

The app has made 491,804 iTunes Store impressions 30 iTunes Downloads, Earned $15 & Still Growing .

All app sales and downloads was organically obtained, earnings are  up and down because no marketing has been done yet well app store search  ads.

Add more promotion efforts over facebook, twitter, instagram ads,  update keywords, and ASO to increase earning and downloads.  For user  retention you can add more levels or features to the app..

Please visit the attachment section to view earnings and downloads for this app.

App earns on app sales. New app with incredible potential. Do not miss it!

What the Winner Gets:

Halloween Neon Animations Pack
Features 33 Stunning HD Stickers
Professional ASO
iOS 10 & Up Ready
App Source Code (Xcode project)
Transfer App

Market Value of the app is $1250+

This app an source code will only be in auction for the next few days, so if interested don’t miss the chance to bid..


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Cute Cat Stickers and Emojis

They have seems to have another superb cute cat stickers and emojis app for iPhone an iPad users, this app seems to offer over 40 sick cats stickers which fits any occasion. The app only cost $1.99 but it is well worth every penny given the quality and style.

Click Link to Download:)

Discover all her moods with our new set of cute cat stickers and emojis character the love and purrs edition with different emotions!
To use the sticker pack, download the app to your phone and select the emoji in the iMessage app drawer. Peel off (long press and drag) Cute Cats Stickers and Emojis place them anywhere in your conversation. Tap on a sticker to quickly send a sticker reply.

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    Nine Benefits of Developing Official Mobile Apps for Your Business

Nine Benefits of Developing Official Mobile Apps for Your Business

With powerful official apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, our business should be able to establish strong brand awareness among potential customers. Customers are expecting companies to have their own dedicated mobile apps and this is an essential factor to gain strong competitive edge. For successful companies, it is necessary to avoid falling behind the competition and having solid mobile apps could add to the immense credibility of our brand. Business owners should keep in mind the real importance of mobile apps in modern society.

1. We could reach mobile users: This is an obvious advantage and it is a fact that the whole world has gone mobile. People are using their smartphones and tablets to locate nearby stores and places of interest. It is important to expand our branding effort to mobile channels and build a powerful network.

2. On-the-go marketing is more effective: With mobile apps, it is possible for customers to access our business at anytime and anywhere. Regular uses of mobile apps should reinforce our business and brand. It means that when consumers are planning to purchase something, chances are they will be able to order the product immediately. With mobile apps, it is possible for us to ensure long-term relationships with loyal customers.

3. Social environment can be established: It is quite clear that people are already obsessed with anything related to social media and we should be able to become part of their obsession. Mobile apps may use specific social features, like in-app messaging, likes and others. This will allow our business to improve its brand and social standing. People are already spending much of their time on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. By having social […]

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