When I hear the name Eclass.biz I automatically think of the company Mercedes Benz or some sort of online class.  This domain offers high CPC at a whopping  $13.90.  Here are the Sellers notes: 


Exact monthly searches according to Google AdWords:

201,000 average during the last year

450,000 in October 2014

8,870,000 search results

$13.90 CPC rate

Looks like we have a very hot uptrend here: the monthly searches have doubled during this year. Online education is gaining extreme popularity nowadays. The released data shows that . And this number has dramatically increased since then, and most likely will continue to increase in the future. Also, please note the lucrative high-paying CPC rates. Hence this domain is a great investment.

Relevant sales:

eclass.com – $31,000 2008-01-01

businessclass.us – Sedo – $3500 – 2014-10-14

computerclass.com – $16,000 – 2007-01-10

actingclasses.com – $41,000 – 2008-01-01


Godaddy push to your account would the easiest way to transfer.


Click the link if interested.