Flippa Reserve $1 premium domain auctions that are happening right now.  I will be providing you with the links below so all you’ll have to do is just click.

Traded.info – Reserve has been met, bids are currently at $55 with only literally a few days left to participate.  IMO this is a hot pick domain for the winner as it offers $14.34 CPC, as well as caters to multiple niches with low exacts monthly searches 1,617.  This domain has the potenial to be huge for any investor.

Click the link if interested.

Heals.info – Reserve has been met, bids are currently at $16 with one day left to jump in and grab this eleven year old domain. Click the link if interested.

Railways.info – Reserve has been met, bids are currently at $10 with 11 days left. Definitely a top domain even I placed a bid for it hopefully I win. Domain offers Great, multi-language .info-domain with high potential income. Ideal domain for any national rail inquiries and information…

WoodStock.info – This domain speaks for itself Seller is offering the domain with no reserve and bids are currently at $6.

Gravity.info – Bids are at $135 and the reserve has been met.  The keyword gets 6,120,000 broad monthly searches and on average 1,500,000 exact monthly searches according to the Google Keyword Planner!  Click the link if interested.

Aerospace.info – Reserve met and bids currently at $50

Jihad.info – Reserve Met bids currently $15

Royalties.info – If you’re thinking about bidding you should as this is a hot domain listed and bids are only at $95.  Oh yeah the reserve has been met already.

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