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Why Do People Let High Quality Domain Names Expire?

There are many reasons why a registered domain enters a redemption period. If you own a company or if you have been blogging and you suddenly shut down your business or your blog, then it could be possible that you would not be interested in keeping the domain name or have any online presence of your business. You could be an individual or an organization having a web presence. There are a variety of reasons why you would let a domain name expire. • You have no interest to pursue your business online or offline. • Your business has liquidated and you are looking for new online and offline buyers. • You have simply forgotten to renew it. • You have been too busy to notice the expiry date until notified in the mail. • You want to sell your domain name for a better price. • You want to auction your domain name as well as the content for a better price. • You want to change your domain name and get a new URL. • You have changed your business and need better options. • Your website is hacked and you are trying to get it back. • Death of the blogger or the website owner could also be one of the rare reasons why a certain website has not been renewed. Timeline Of Domain Expiration When a domain name expires, there is a certain procedure that most of the web hosting companies follow before listing it in the pool of expired domains that are open to re registration. There is a fixed procedure every web hosting company follows when a domain name expires and the owner of the domain fails to renew [...]

Why is Finding a Name so Important for Business or Brand?

Finding a name for your business, startup or apps can be difficult at times.  It is one of the most important decisions which one has to make in the beginning of having an online presence. One has to think ahead and be sure of all the possibilities while deciding the right domain name. Why Is Domain So Important? Domain is the name with which a brand or a company is known online. It is the web address to which a particular website is associated with. As this the key to the identification and the popularity of a company, one must be careful while choosing it. A domain should define the brand and give an idea of what to expect from this website. These are the reasons why one should think deeply before registering a domain name: It is not easy to get another domain name and set the website at this new address. An established website may lose customers in the process as it needs some time to set up a new domain.   Wrong domain may cost the reputation of the company. One must give an accurate name which describes the company and avoids misconceptions or obscure intentions of the website offerings.   Domain names are unique and companies are always in a race to get the best names for them. Benefits Of Having The Right Domain Having a good domain name ensures right projection of the brand. A simple domain name is easy to remember and can be shared with others quickly. This helps in spreading of the brand name and gives more business and popularity to the company. Along with the domain name, one should also be particular about the extension of [...] Exclusive No Reserve! Super Active Photos Website/44,874 Members & Growing Daily is being sold by a super seller on  Website has over 40,000 plus members and growing daily.  The website is a photo website where you can download and upload your photos daily to this community. This is a great pickup for who ever wins.  There is no reserve so the highest bidder should win. Click the link if interested. If you want your domains featured on our site, please Contact us for advertising. Being sold on Flippa By Seller Nerevar would be a perfect pickup for anyone looking to get started in this particular niche.  Domain has just been listed and will only be there for seven whole days, no bids have been place yet so be the first to bid or contact the seller. Sellers Notes: Relevant sales: - NameJet - $565 - 2014-11-10 - Sedo - $2,050 - 2011-03-09 - Namejet - $1505 - 2014-05-27 Statistics: 1,300 [exact] monthly searches 315,000 exact search results 2,510,000 broad search results Transfer: The easiest way would be a GoDaddy push to your acount is being sold by Nerevar on Flippa

When I hear the name I automatically think of the company Mercedes Benz or some sort of online class.  This domain offers high CPC at a whopping  $13.90.  Here are the Sellers notes:  Statistics: Exact monthly searches according to Google AdWords: 201,000 average during the last year 450,000 in October 2014 8,870,000 search results $13.90 CPC rate Looks like we have a very hot uptrend here: the monthly searches have doubled during this year. Online education is gaining extreme popularity nowadays. The released data shows that . And this number has dramatically increased since then, and most likely will continue to increase in the future. Also, please note the lucrative high-paying CPC rates. Hence this domain is a great investment. Relevant sales: - $31,000 2008-01-01 – Sedo - $3500 – 2014-10-14 - $16,000 – 2007-01-10 - $41,000 – 2008-01-01 Transfer: Godaddy push to your account would the easiest way to transfer.   Click the link if interested.

Flippa Reserve $1 Domain Auctions:,,, and more

Flippa Reserve $1 premium domain auctions that are happening right now.  I will be providing you with the links below so all you'll have to do is just click. - Reserve has been met, bids are currently at $55 with only literally a few days left to participate.  IMO this is a hot pick domain for the winner as it offers $14.34 CPC, as well as caters to multiple niches with low exacts monthly searches 1,617.  This domain has the potenial to be huge for any investor. Click the link if interested. - Reserve has been met, bids are currently at $16 with one day left to jump in and grab this eleven year old domain. Click the link if interested. - Reserve has been met, bids are currently at $10 with 11 days left. Definitely a top domain even I placed a bid for it hopefully I win. Domain offers Great, multi-language .info-domain with high potential income. Ideal domain for any national rail inquiries and information... - This domain speaks for itself Seller is offering the domain with no reserve and bids are currently at $6. - Bids are at $135 and the reserve has been met.  The keyword gets 6,120,000 broad monthly searches and on average 1,500,000 exact monthly searches according to the Google Keyword Planner!  Click the link if interested. - Reserve met and bids currently at $50 - Reserve Met bids currently $15 - If you're thinking about bidding you should as this is a hot domain listed and bids are only at $95.  Oh yeah the reserve has been met already. If you want your domains featured on our site, please Contact us [...]


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